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Our sourcing team focuses on finding the best products from global markets and brings them to your store. We focus on products that create opportunity in the market place for your business to grow.

Contact us and see how our product channels can help grow your business sustainably.

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What We Do

We understand what opportunity is to the retailer and value is to the customer, so we distribute products that bring the two together.

Our team works on analysing every individual product. Researching its place in the market, it's overall viability and it's value to both the retailer and the customer. We do this by using historical data that includes years of channel information and transactional data, then applying our future sales modelling and projection to ensure our product catalog is always providing growth throughout the channel.

We advise retailers on their most immediate opportunities: strategy, marketing, new products, awareness, customer education, executing sales leads etc. Our unique approach to traditional retail and distribution delivers results, helping retailers measure and manage inventory risk whilst maximising their opportunities.

GiD WorldWide Pty Ltd

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